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Product Specifications


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The CONT is a standard format ComPol board.  It is a single board computer designed to control such operations as frequency systhesizers.  It consists of an 89C51/89C52/89C54/89C58 microprocessor, crystal oscillator, RS232 interface, 5 volt regulator. 8 rotary switches and a four position DIP switch.  Although it was designed for the ComPol AM, FM and FM-SCA receivers, it can be used for many different applications such as temperature control and security.  The microprocessor includes up to 32K of flash memory and 256 bytes of static RAM.  Most of the in/out ports are used for reading the switches, but a nibble is brought out to the ten-pin header.  A reset switch is included on the board.

The CONT-AM is the version of the board with a microprocessor specifically programmed for AM reception.  The desired frequency is programmed simply by rotating the switches to the frequency.  One of the positions on the DIP switch sets the audio frequency characteristics.  The other three positions assisgns the receiver an address between 0 and 7.  When power is applied, or the reset button pushed the CONT-AM sends the coded message to the frequency synthesizer and the receiver is tuned to the specified frequency.  All calculations are performed by the microprocessor.  The RS232 connection allows a remote computer to interrogate the receiver and/or change its frequency with simple ASCII commands.

The CONT-FM is the FM version fo the CONT-1.   One of the DIP positions is used to select the desired subcarrier, either 67, 92 or a custom frequency.  It can also be programmed by a remote computer through the RS232 port and may be used in the same system as the CONT-AM.

Since the program is stored in a flash memory and the code is written at ComPol, custom systems are available.  If you have a unique application for any version of the CONT board, we will work with you to develop the code and provide a system that meets your specific needs.  At this time, we are also developing a smart controller for SCA systems.  The controller will be programmed for several different services and will automatically switch to an alternate service should the primary service become unavailable.  This could be very useful for background music systems.     

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