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Product Specifications

RBDS-3 RDS/RBDS Decoder/processor

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The RBDS-3 board is a standard format ComPol board.   It is designed to receiver, process and manipulate an RDS/RBDS datasteam.  It includes a powerful 89C52 processor, 128 K of static RAM and up to 2 M of NVRAM.  It includes an RS-232 converter.

With this high level of computing, virtually any task relating to RDS/RBDS is possible.  Standard software will allow reception of any group in either binary (ASCII) or HEX format.  The computer is also capable of controlling the receive frequency if used with the FM-25 FM tuner board.  This makes it possible to scan for PI codes or a flag in the datastream of any station.

Although specifically designed to work with the FM-24/FM-25 tuners, it can be used with any FM receiver. 

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