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Product Specifications

SCA-RS Programmable FM/SCA Table Radio  
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The SCA-RS is the most advanced SCA receiver ever built for home/office use.  Receiver control is performed by a powerfull internal 8051-family microcomputer.

The SCA-RS is initially programmed by connecting it, through the serial port, to any IBM compatable personal computer, even a laptop or portable.  It has room to store 20 different channels.  With software provided by ComPol, each channel can be set to any FM frequency and to any subcarrier frequency from 60 to 100 kHz.   The channels may also be set to the main channel of any frequency.  Once the channels and options have been set, the receiver is disconnected from the computer.   When turned on, the receiver will tune to the default channel, or it will tune to the last channel used, or it will even scan selected channels and seach for the strongest signal.  It can be programmed for any of these options.

On the front panel is an active-filter tone control which allows the high frequency response to be adjusted by the user for his own circumstances and preferences.  The receiver has a line-output jack so that it can be connected to a tape recorder or high fidelity amplifier.  A switch selectable F-Connector allows the connection of an external antenna.  The internal computer even has distictive "beeps" when the channel is changed, so that your listener will know which channel is selected.

Provision is made for a field-installable Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) card.  The card is also controlled by the computer so that it is used only on selected channels.  Muting is also available as a field option.

The software used to program the receiver is DOS based, which means that it can be used on a computer, even if it does not have Windows.  It is simple to operate and no special training is required.  A password may be implemented to prevent unauthorized individuals from reprogramming the receivers.  The memory chip in the receiver contains the name of your service, the date of manufacture, options data, the ComPol serial number and your unique serial number, if desired and the date of last programming.  There is even a space in the memory chip for you to include the name of the listener for future reference.

The possibilities provided by this receiver can enhance your listeners' pleasure and at the very least make your job a little easier.  The most obvious use of these multiple channels is for services with a number of different transmitters and frequencies.  All of the frequencies available can be programmed and your listener can simply decide which is clearest, or you can let the receiver automatically select the best signal, even if some stations use different subcarriers.  With permission, you can let your listener enjoy the programming from another service.  But after he turns off his receiver, it will automatically return to your service, so that your listener will alway find you.  If both the 67 kHz subcarrier and the 92 kHz subcarrier is available, you can program the receiver with a channel for 67 kHz and another for 92 kHz on the same main channel.  On the new channel, you can provide alternate programming, or delay your regular programming.  And the next time the radio is turned on, your listener will be back to your primary programming.  You can even program your listener's favorite FM stations, which is a great feature if your service requests payment or sells the receiver to the listener.  And of course, every time he turns on the radio, it goes back to your service.

If the station carrying your service should increase the rent and force you to move, it can be handled.  It takes only minutes, by a non-technical worker, to reprogram the receiver, without even opening the case or removing it from the table where it is sitting. 


Physical specifications

Cabinet Vinyl Wrap with simulated maple finish
Faceplate Gold-finished aluminum with optional logo
Speaker grill Perforations in aluminum faceplate
Size 9.5 x 5 x 4 inches
Weight 2.5  pounds for radio; 0.5 pound for AC Adapter
Antenna Forty-three inch collapsible whip antenna
Controls Front panel volume and tone control
Features Main/subcarrier switch on both models, switchable low-pass filter, line output jack, external antenna connector on SCA-RLA
Headphone Optional inch universal jack
Safety No lethal or hazardous voltage present within the receiver.   There is no shock or fire hazard under any circumstances

        Electrical specifications

All tests made with 10% injection to baseband (7.5 kHz deviation) at 67 kHz.  Measurements are referenced to 6 kHz deviation of subcarrier.  Tone control set for treble.  Volume control set approximately full.

Specification Test parameter Min Typ Max Unit
Frequency Response Ref 400 Hz   0   db
  25 Hz -1 0   db
  3500 Hz -2 0   db
  5000 Hz -3 -1   db
Deemphasis Standard 120 150 180



1000 Hz





1000 Hz main




30 db quieting



20 uv
Selectivity +/- 400 kHz 40 50 db

1.0 mv rf input



50 db
Audio output

Into 8 ohms



1000 mw

All ComPol, Inc. receivers utilize our patented superhetrodyne SCA demultiplexer.   This technology replaces coil-capacitor filters with ceramic filter elements to guarantee the highest possible fidelity with minimum distortion and out-of-band noise.   Also, this results in minimal aging.  (Patent number 5,023,933)

Note:  These SCA receivers are made in the United States of America.  Most major components are also made in the USA.

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