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ComPol manufactures three different SAP receivers for channels 2 through 69. Each receiver has its own application and advantages. All receivers are pretuned to a specific television or cable channel. They do not utilize intercarrier sound demodulation, but rather, they treat the sound transmission independently, thus achieving much greater sensitivity than is possible with conventional television receivers.

SAP-BA Table SAP Receiver. This is our top-quality SAP receiver. It is designed for the reception of the SAP or main channel of any preselected television station on channel 2 through 69 or any cable channel. It is built in a solid oak cabinet. It has a line output jack, tone switch, external antenna connection.   Photographs.

SAP-BL Low-cost SAP Receiver. This is a table SAP  receiver is housed in a small vinyl wrap cabinet with a rugged aluminum speaker grill. It has a self-contained antenna, a tone control and a switch for allowing reception of the main channel. It is only available for channel 2 through 13.  Photographs.

SAP-TM Commercial SAP Tuner. This version of the SAP-BA is mounted in a metal cabinet. It does not include an antenna or speaker, but features a 600-ohm balanced output that can drive a public address system, or another transmitter. An independent main-channel output is provided. It is available for any frequency between 30 MHz and 806 MHz. A rack-mounted version is available.   Photographs.

FM-BL Table FM Receiver.This FM receiver is intended for many diverse uses. When tuned to the FM broadcast band, it will receive any single FM radio station. When connected into a cable TV system, it may be used to receive programs on any single frequency within the FM broadcast band, or the sound transmission of any TV channel, or any special frequency established by the cable company for a "private" transmission. The FM-BL is ideal for services that utilize cable TV as a means of reaching their listeners. It does not include an antenna, but utilizes an "F" Connector for signal input. Photographs.

RBDS-3 RBDS Decoder/processor. This is a module which can be added to our commercial receivers, such as the SCA-TM or used with any FM tuner or receiver.  Specifications

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