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Company Profile

ComPol, Inc., originally called Communications Poly Services, was started in 1972 by Frank Karkota.  Prior to starting the company, he had diverse experience in multiplex communications.  He started as an engineer with radio stations WCRB and WCRB-FM.  WCRB had a history of innovation in broadcasting.   They were among the first to transmit AM-FM stereo and then FM multiplex stereo.   They also pioneered SCA for background music.  Following his employment with WCRB, Frank joined the U.S. Army where he was assigned to the 362d Signal Company and maintained tactical troposcatter systems in Vietnam.   These systems multiplexed up to 48 voice channels and transmitted them via high-powered microwave over long distances.  After his return, he was employed by a division of AT&T to install multichannel microwave systems.  Subsequently, he worked for a company that manufactured microwave oscillators.

Initially, Communications Poly Services provided consultant services to radio stations in Lowell, Fitchburg and Leominster, Massachusetts.  Meanwhile, development of wideband and narrowband receivers continued, and SCA became a major component of the company's future plans.

By the mid 1980's SCA receivers became a major product for the company, but as work continued with both transmitters and receivers, the systemic problems became more apparent.  Eventually, we developed a unique and superior approach to receiver design.  A description of that technology is on another page of this site.

Today, ComPol, Inc. is the major supplier of SCA receivers.  We are especially proud of our computerized test facility that automatically sets test equipment to make complex tests and oversees all alignment.  A brief description of the equipment is included on another page.

We also produce SAP receivers, which is essentially the same technology, and we are currently developing EAS and RDS/RBDS receivers.

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