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Repair policy

Repairs will be made free of charge within the first 90 days after sale.   From 90 days to two years, the only charge will be shipping from ComPol to your location.  From two years to four years after sale, there will be a flat $15.00 fee plus shipping for all repairs.  The price increases to $20.00 plus shipping after four years.

A complete description of the problem or reason for return must be included with the product.  A ComPol repair form will be made available and its use is strongly recommended.

This fee schedule is void under the following circumstances:  1.  If the product was used in a manner inconsistent with its design and intended use.  2.  If the product was abused or mishandled.  3.   If the product was modified or repairs were attempted by persons without the proper knowledge or equipment.  4.  The product was returned to us improperly packaged for UPS or USPS.  In these cases, additional labor and/or part costs may be included. 

It is our goal to manufacture products that do not need repair.  Repair of our products is an obligation we take seriously.  These prices are below our costs to make the repairs, but we use the opportunity to do failure analysis and often make design changes based upon what we learn.  It also assures us that the repairs were done properly and the product is again working in a manner that gives us pride.

We hope that you will not have to return a product, but if it is necessary, we hope that you find our fees reasonable.

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