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SCA Products

SCA-TM Commercial SCA Tuner. This commercial-quality SCA tuner is for broadcast applications and background music use. It features 600-ohm balanced and unbalanced outputs, and both main and subcarrier squelch. The SCA-TM is built in a metal cabinet and is optionally rack mountable. It includes neither antenna nor speaker.   Specifications.   Photographs.

SCA-BA Consumer SCA Receiver. This table-top receiver is intended for radio reading services, ethnic, and other broadcasts directed toward segments of the general public. It is equivalent in performance to the commercial unit, but lacks squelch and has only one 600-ohm line output. It is complete with antenna and speaker and is built into a stylish solid oak cabinet.  Specifications.

SCA-RL/RLA Low-cost Consumer Table Radio. The SCA-RL has the most advanced receiver design ever made for reception of SCA and is priced for consumer use.  Specifications.

SCA-RS Programmable FM/SCA Table Radio. This receiver uses the same basic design as the SCA-RL, but the frequencies can be programmed in your office with a PC computer.  This receiver is ideal for services that have multiple transmitters.  Specifications. 

SCA-AA Automotive SCA Converter. The automotive converter is a complete redesign of our previous model. It is inserted between the antenna and the car radio. When the converter is powered by the car's electrical supply through a user-supplied switch, the SCA service will be received on the AM car radio.

SCA-CA Consumer SCA Tuner. The SCA-CA is a redesign of our previous model and will be reintroduced shortly. The SCA-CA is connected to an external antenna and to any audio amplifier, such as the AUXiliary input of a stereo system, providing the user full advantage of his high-quality amplifier and speakers.

SCA-P Belt-Clip Portable SCA Receiver. This is the same receiver as the SCA-RL except that it fits in a 7 x 2.5 x .75 inch plastic cabinet that can be clipped to a belt or shirt pocket. The supplied headphones are the antenna. Reception range is comparable to the SCA-BP. Operates from a rechargable 9-volt battery or AC Adaptor.

Note:  Some broadcasts on SCA are private, that is, intended for a limit number of listeners and not for the general public.  We, at ComPol, respect the right of a broadcaster to control access to these programs.  We will not sell to individuals unless we have knowledge that the broadcast received is intended for the general public, or that individual has provided us with a letter from the broadcaster authorizing reception of the broadcast by that individual.

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