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What's New

Changes and new products

For many years, we have given all orders the same price, regardless of quantity.  It was hoped that this would encourage more sales and ultimately reduce our overall costs.  This strategy has not worked and actually increased our costs.   Therefore, we have set price tiers for the various quantities.  Because of the hostile treatment by the banking community to our company, we are requiring prepayment as a condition for quantity discounts.

We deeply regret that some of our customers will not be able to afford the new prices.  Within the last two years, interest rates have nearly tripled and we cannot absorb it any longer.

The modified GE Superadio III-SCA has been discontinued.  There is insufficient demand for the product to satisfy our supplier of the basic receiver.   The SCA-BA and SCA-BP have been discontinued because the oak cabinets have become too expensive and often unavailable.  The SCA-BL has been discontinued and replaced by a better design.

The replacement for the SCA-BL is the  SCA-RL and the replacement for the SCA-BA is the   SCA-RLA.  We have also introduced a programmable SCA receiver, the  SCA-RS.   A replacement for the SCA-BP is under development. It will complete our consumer product line.

We are also expanding and enhancing our line of commercial products.   It is our desire to have a receiver for any application between dc and 1 GHz, AM, FM, and data.  To this end, we have already developed a number of boards, and more are being developed.  Here is a preview of some of the boards that are in or near production.

AM-1 - High-performance AM tuner board

FM-24/FM-25 - High performance FM tuner board

FM-27 - Complete FM.FM-SCA receiver

SCA-23 - Dual channel SCA board with sophisticated squelch      NEW!

SCA-24 - Universal SCA board with sophisticated squelch

Stereo-1 - High performance stereo decoder

CONT-1/AM/FM - Single board computer for frequency selection

DNR-1 - Dynamic noise reduction system

Filter-2 - Lowpass filter

Filter-3 - Universal filer     NEW!

Filter-4 - Multiband boost/cut filter     NEW!

RBDS-3 - RBDS decoder     NEW!

DTMF-1 - Dual-tone multifrequency decoder/processor      NEW!

SBC-1 - Single board computer with BASIC interpretor      NEW!

As we add more boards, they will appear on this page.

We plan to make a whole range of AM, FM, FM-SCA, and FM-RBDS receivers.   The receivers will be a combination of the above boards and others still in development.  It is our intention to be able to supply receivers for any frequency or application.  In some cases, engineering charges will apply, but in most cases, these custom receivers will be virtually off-the-shelf.

In the months ahead, we will be seeking dealers and distributors, especially in South America, Europe, Africa and Australia.  If you are interested, please contact us.

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